How To Effectively Prevent Termites During The Process Of Building Houses

It must be really annoying, seeing the cabinet favored in homes that are porous and almost fall in eating termites. Small animals are as big as ants, but if you have acted with friends you can damage every little thing in your home, not just a wardrobe, but other furniture, such as doors, windows, floors, poles, publications, to the roof frame.

In order for your place of residence not to deal with termites that damage the peace of your life at home, you must take precautionary steps that you can take in the past to develop your home, to stop the very early termites that will endanger your place of residence.

The ways you can do include:

Stop termite on home
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Arrange household land before starting to build a residence, from wood chips or other materials hidden in the soil that might be terminated by termites. The former land of wetland or moist soil is a productive tool for the development of fungi, where fungi have a symbiotic mutual relationship with termites. On land with this condition, it is necessary to dry it first, by digging the ducts around it, then leave it for a few months before starting to build the house.

Mix particles of sand, granite, lava or pearlite under the floor layer before the floor is installed.

Spray termite killer chemicals or termiticides in deep excavations into the hole, the top of the structure, and the surface area of ​​the ground to be installed with the floor.

Utilizing wood products with wood varieties that are termite resistant, including teak, ironwood, bangkirai, and meranti wood, also damar, merbau, and rubberwood.

Stop termite on home
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If using regardless of the type of wood above, wood that will become bakai as a building material is preserved initially to be resistant to termites. There are 3 types of wood conservation strategies, including scavenging, coloring, and soaking. The ingredients used to maintain wood are preservative salts, creosote, pentachlorophenol, copper naphthenate, and also boron. You can get these active ingredients at a chemical shop or you can ask at a local product store.

That it shows how to prevent termites from being carried out during the building process, it is far better to stop, than you will definitely be dizzily dealing with the frustrating termite strikes that damage the residence of your dreams.

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